Single Pipettor Holder (Magnet Mount)

Model 10-003-M


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Single Pipettor Holder (Magnet Mount)

Save Your Valuable Counter Space by Utilizing Space Under Your Shelves and Work Benches.

The Most Valuable thing in any laboratory is counter space, so why waste it with an array of Pipettors scattered all over the lab bench? Elmeco’s Pipettor Holder can be placed on any vertical or horizontal hard surface and will be just an arms length away. Simply peel off the protective tap and press the holder onto the most convenient place in your work area. No more damaged or hard to find expensive Pipettors. Will hold up to five Pipettors of any size, and make.


  • Fast and easy installation. Can be installed on walls and double as a shelf, or under desks.
  • Made from one piece 3/16" think buffed plexiglass
  • Designed for all brands and sizes


  • Overall Dimension: 10"x4"x4"
  • Shipping weight: 2lbs./1kg.

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